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Sergeant at Arms


The Sergeant at Arms is a non-Member officer of the Florida House of Representatives, appointed by the Speaker, with the advice and consent of the members. The duties of the Sergeant at Arms are to attend the House during its sittings and maintain order under the direction of the Speaker or Member performing the duties of the presiding officer; ensure that no person is admitted to the House Chamber except in accordance with the Rules of the House; be under the direct supervision and execute all commands of the Speaker; be custodian of furniture, books, and property of the House and to annually take an inventory of all property under the Sergeant at Arms' charge; and, perform all other duties pertaining to the Sergeant at Arms' Office as prescribed by law and the Rules of the House.


   Committee room and office assignments in coordination with the Office of the Speaker
   Training and supervision of pages and messengers
   Filing and posting of committee notices
   Distribution of payroll checks
   Telecommunication system maintenance and installation
   Parking assignments in coordination with the Office of the Speaker
   Equipment repair
   Custodianship of property and property records
   Coordination and management of office renovations and construction
   Security liaison for the House
   Inventory and control of office and furniture keys
   Transportation for Members and staff
   Housekeeping and janitorial services in the Capitol Complex
   Publication of office directory floor plans for Member, Committee, and - Department offices

Picture of Sergeant at Arms Russell Hosford
Sergeant at Arms
Russell Hosford

512 Capitol
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300
Main - 850.717.5700
Fax - 850.414.6880

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